the camping

Camping Parco al Po is located less than 1 km from the center of Cremona

Camping Parco al Po is a completely automated area under video surveillance, with 56 pitches for campers each with electricity and water connections, a large area for tents and campers, along with a building with bathrooms and showers for ladies and gentlemen and also for people with disabilities, a changing room for runners and athletes and a lounge with reception where you will find drinks, ice creams, main courses and biolo foods.

N.B The reservation is not mandatory but is recommended only on some weekends/times of the year. Check here what they are (page under construction) Cremona is a consortium of social cooperatives, which has just begun to improve its services with tourism development and promotion activities in Cremona.

Weekend 🔥 | Festa del Torrone 2024

La prenotazione non è obbligatoria ma è consigliata solo in alcuni weekend/periodo dell’anno.

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